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Pyrosecure- technology for fire protection, fire extinguishing a nano technology,

Pyrosecure, Technology For Fire Protection, Sticker, nano technology, extinguishing agent

Fire Protection

Nano Technology ForFire Protection

About Pyrosecure

  • PyroSecure is the new solution for this age old problem of controlling short-circuit fires to spread and destroy property and life
  • It is a new innovation in Nano-Technology which is very safe and effectiveHighest shelf- life of 5 years, this technology is the most cost effective solution to protect property and life from fire due to electrical malfunction
  • This is an automatic system, waiting fully operational, ready for fire extinguishing without any human or machine intervention

Pyrosecure – how does it work

  • This technology comprises of a STICKER which is based on nano technology
  • This STICKER has autonomous micro-encapsulated out-gassing particles
  • This is a thermal activated fire extinguishing solution
  • The extinguishing agent is securely stored in nano-capsules  and has storage shelf life of 5 years
  • Upon heating , the micro-capsules respond to the fire ignition automatically and release the desired amount of fire retardant agent from the capsules, instantly quenching the fire and avoiding further damage

Pyrosecure Demo1

Pyrosecure Demo2

Pyrosecure Demo3

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